Where Did The Towers Go? (2nd Edition)

Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11. We debunk the official story, the nanothermite theory put forth by Richard Gage and Architect and Engineers for 9/11, we also debunk the mini nuke theory. A close examination of all the available evidence (there is a lot) reveals a different kind of energy phenomenon, not thermal or kinetic.

The Best UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions of All Time

The most famous and well-documented UFO sightings and Alien Abductions throughout history animated and explained!

The Ariel School Incident and Phoenix Lights are personally my two favourite sightings because they are the hardest to debunk. Kurt Russel actually just came out in 2017 saying that he and his son Oliver were witness to the Phoenix Lights—and not just any ordinary witnesses—they were up in the air flying a private plane when they spotted them and even contacted the control tower who said they didn’t see anything on their radar. Hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know what you think in the comments and please share the link if you want me to be able to continue to make more of these! The truth is out there…

Calling Occupants

My friends and I experiment with human-initiated contact techniques in an attempt to develop a peaceful relationship with extra-terrestrials. Along our journey, we attend an ET disclosure hearing in Brantford Ontario and interview the world’s top UFO researchers, abductees and lobbyists to find out the truth behind the UFO cover-up. Featuring: Paul Hellyer, Richard Dolan, Bob Mitchell, Travis Walton, Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, Grant Cameron, Laurie Rosenfield, and Stephen Bassett.