Who Is This Now? (2016)


Did Paul McCartney really die in a car crash on the night of Sept 11, 1966, or was it all just an elaborate hoax? A young man examines the clues in the albums, photos, and interviews to try and find an answer.

Written, directed, produced, shot and edited by: Mitch Fillion

Story by: Mitch Fillion, Jonathan Rosenfield

Starring: Mitch Fillion, Vince Tompa, Andy Smith, Mark Furukawa, Ryan Stanley, Michael Keire, Ben Somer, Cait Walsh, Ashley Ince, Mike Williams

Camera Operators: Mitch Fillion, C.J. Ricottone, Ian Carleton

Score by: Josh St. Denis

With songs by: Odd Years, Mike O’Neill, Little Kid, Colleen Dauncey, Alex Pulec, Shawn William Clarke, Robbie Grunwald, Brent Randall

Illustrations by: Gregory Pepper